Teach better with Unique Teach®

Unique Teach® is a program for adults that trains parents and teachers how to provide the proper instruction for their preschool and elementary school students.

Whether the goal is to homeschool, tutor, or help out with homework, Unique Teach® is excellent for parents that want to help their children with their academics at home.

Experienced school teachers that want to enhance their instruction of young students can also benefit immensely by learning our methods.

The Unique Teach® methods are different from conventional teaching practices and are extremely effective for young children. The results of Unique Teach® can be life-changing for children that have been continually struggling in school.

Parents & teachers will learn the proper techniques how to teach...

Literacy Concepts

Letter names and sounds, decoding words, spelling, sight words, handwriting, reading comprehension, writing words and sentences, suffixes, oral language, concepts about print, and more.

The Phonetic Words Technique

Literacy Instruction also includes learning how to teach reading and writing with the Phonetic Words Technique™. This is an extremely effective method in which children learn reading and writing phonetically and in conjunction.

Math Concepts

Numbers 1 to 10, numbers 1 to 100, addition, subtraction, multiplication, colors, patterns, shapes, calendar, sorting, and more.

Meet the Author

Mia Shimaj (“Ms. Mia”) has over fifteen years of experience teaching preschool and elementary school children in public and private environments.

Ms. Mia’s techniques were created as she worked as a private tutor in the Houston area. Not limited by the methodology of any school system, she had the freedom to experiment and create techniques firsthand as she worked with her students. Indeed, most of the techniques of her book were written on sticky notes as she wrote down her thoughts while observing children, the lessons of school teachers, and the parents’ homeschooling methods.  She attributes her success to using alternative, more effective teaching methods that follow children’s natural path of learning.

Ms. Mia hopes that her methods meet the academic needs of your children so that they can have the confidence in school that they deserve.

Mia Shimaj (“Ms. Mia”)


We can change the world by changing how we teach our children.

Teaching Experience

Early Childhood, English as a Second Language, Montessori, Bilingual Education, General Elementary Education, Freelance Tutor


Ms. Mia graduated from high school at Duchense Academy of the Sacred Heart in Houston, Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Baylor University, and a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the Graduate School at the University of Texas at Arlington.


Salsa and country dancing, foreign language learning, and watching Notre Dame football.


Ms. Mia is the proud mother of two daughters, Madison and Cassidy, who illustrated her books.

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