Lesson 11:

Ashley teaches phonics with a computer program

Ashley has her children play a phonics computer game in which they must match pictures to their words. For example, there is a picture of a coat and the word c_ _ t. The child must fill in the blanks by selecting from the choices ew, ay, oa, or ie.

Why this lesson falls short for some children...

Although the child may be successful in choosing the correct answers in this activity, the child may struggle to apply the information in an actual reading and writing context. The teacher must be mindful of the gap between using phonics in random, isolated words and the real-life context in which the information is to be applied.

Learn to teach this lesson properly

  • Teach phonics in a way that will help children to later apply the information to real-life reading and writing contexts.
  • Use electronic devices properly during instruction.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson correctly, please see Programs and Get the Books.