Lesson 20:

Bob teaches spelling through linguistic terminology

To help children with their spelling, Bob teaches his class spelling rules using the proper linguistic terminology.  For example, Bob states to his class the following:

“The letter Yy is used when the long Ee sound is in the final position of a multisyllabic word, such as in the word happy.”

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned successfully with this lesson.  But what works for one child may not work for another.  In that case, the alternative lesson plan is as follows:

  • Be accommodating of the oral language abilities of young children during instruction.

Although children can benefit from learning technical and difficult vocabulary, some children, because of their young age, have limited mental resources and may be burdened by having to learn both the concept at hand (spelling rules) as well as the difficult vocabulary.  These children need methods that allow them to benefit more from the teacher’s language used during instruction.

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson, please see Programs and Get the Books.