Lesson 6:

Charles teaches writing by copying

To teach writing, everyday Charles writes a short Daily News paragraph on chart paper. He then has his students write the same paragraph by copying it verbatim in their notebooks. Charles allows his students to copy the paragraph because the children otherwise do not know how to write.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned successfully with this lesson.  But for those continuing to struggle, the alternative lesson plan is as follows;

  • Teach children writing by using the same thought processes that are used in actual writing contexts.

Although it may appear that they are hard at work, some children copy mindlessly, without involving any of the same thought processes that would be used in the real-life context. These children need to be specifically taught the letter-sound knowledge they need to write as they do not glean this knowledge by merely copying.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson, please see Programs and Get the Books.