Lesson 8:

James teaches spelling through memorization and copying

James’ spelling instruction for his children consists of having them memorize the spellings of words by spelling them aloud. For example, a child learns the word the as Tt- Hh- Ee. If a child cannot spell a word, James writes the word on a sticky note and lets the child copy it. When children misspell a word in their writing, James simply writes the correct spelling of the word next to the incorrect spelling. If a child still struggles to spell the word, James has the child write the word over and over in a notebook.

Why this lesson falls short for some children...

Learning spelling through drilling, repetition, spelling aloud, and copying entails memorization rather than a true understanding of letter-sound relationships. Although a child may write a word “correctly” through these methods, the child has not acquired the proper letter-sound knowledge that can be transferred to reading and writing other words. Substantial learning has yet to take place.

Learn to teach this lesson properly

  • Teach spelling by having children use their letter-sound knowledge, instead of memorization methods.
  • Teach spelling effectively without boring drilling methods.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson correctly, please see Programs and Get the Books.