Lesson 14:

Judy teaches literacy through themes

Judy decides to use the theme of Farm Animals to teach literacy for a week. She presents all oral language, reading, and writing activities under the Farm Animals theme. For example, for oral language the children sing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and they learn the sounds each animal makes.  For reading, the children read Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm, and they focus on the letter Ww. For writing, the children write about their favorite farm animal and learn to write I like the horse best. Each day Judy presents a different book, different song, and different writing topic all related to the Farm Animals theme.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned successfully with this lesson.  But for those continuing to struggle, the alternative lesson plan is as follows:

  • Make direct connections between literacy activities for more organized learning.

Although all literacy activities are linked under a common subject, farm animals, there is no other commonality between the content of the oral language, reading, and writing activities, since the teacher uses a different story, song, or writing topic for each lesson.  Some children take a long time to read and write with this method because in the constant change of content there are only general connections, if any, between the oral language, reading, and writing components.  These children require methods that give them more direct instruction in literacy.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson, please see Programs and Get the Books.