Lesson 21:

Patti teaches spelling by simply correcting children’s spelling errors

When children misspell words in their writing, Patti simply takes out her red pen and corrects each spelling by writing the correct spelling next to the children’s incorrect spelling. Patti tells the children to take notice of the corrections and encourages them to use the correct spellings from now on.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned successfully with this lesson.   But for those who continue to struggle, the alternative lesson plan is as follows:

  • Limit the memorization of spelling words.

Although the teacher has graded and corrected the children’s misspelled words, this may not be enough for some children to spell correctly.  Since the teacher did not explain any letter-sound or spelling rules, children are likely to learn the correct spellings by memorization.  For some children, memorizing the spelling of a word is not real knowledge that they can apply to spelling other words.

  • Understand the thought processes behind children’s misspelled words and fix incorrect strategies.

Even though they are aware of letter-sound and  rules, some children may still commit errors in their spelling.  Children’s misspelled words provide the teacher with invaluable insight into children’s thought processes and can be used to fix their incorrect strategies.

Improve your instruction of young learners

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