Lesson 15:

Paul teaches about autumn with a graphic organizer

To teach about the season of autumn, Paul brainstorms with the children everything they can think of related to autumn. As they brainstorm, Paul arranges all ideas by drawing a graphic organizer on the whiteboard as shown.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned successfully with this lesson.  But for those who continue to struggle, the alternative lesson plan is as follows:

  • Teach about autumn in more concrete ways, without the graphic organizer.

Although graphic organizers are useful tools, some children may struggle because they require higher order, abstract thinking.  First, the use of written words in the graphic organizer can hinder learning for young children that are not fluent readers. Additionally, children must also understand the structure of the graphic organizer, that all written ideas in the bubbles relate to autumn. Because of this complexity, some children need more meaningful and concrete presentations of the concept of autumn.

Improve your instruction of young learners

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