James, a fourth grader struggling in reading comprehension

James is in fourth grade. Although James can decode (read) with ease, he does poorly with comprehension and understands very little of what he reads. Frequently he does not even understand the comprehension questions. To compensate for his lack of understanding, James tries to answer comprehension questions by reading back to the teacher random sections of text on the page, hoping that in doing so he has somehow answered the question.

The Game Plan

James’ comprehension level was assessed and all reading books were lowered to match his comprehension level.  Then, since comprehension is a part of oral language, James participated in oral language activities based on the language of these lower-level reading texts. As James’ speaking and comprehension skills improved, the reading levels of the texts were raised accordingly.

Learn how to teach children like James

To learn the specific teaching methods used to help James, please see Programs and Get the Books.

James’ level of comprehension now matches his reading (decoding) level.