Macy, a gifted child scoring poorly on standardized tests

Macy is extremely bright and learned to read on her own at age four. She is now five years old and reading at a second-grade level. Since Macy likes learning, she draws and writes her own stories at home for fun. At school Macy gets excellent grades and receives compliments from her teacher. However, one day there is a standardized test and Macy performs below expectations in reading and writing. Macy’s parents are shocked at her low test score.

The Game Plan

Macy is good at activities, such as reading and writing.  That is, she can successfully complete tasks by focusing on the activity as a whole.  However, test questions may focus on individual skills or isolated pieces of information related to a task, and the child must answer questions without actually completing the task.  Test questions such as these are abstract for young children.  Macy prepared for the test by focusing on the individual skills and pieces of information pertinent to the test questions as she completed the corresponding reading and writing activities.

Learn how to teach children like Macy

To learn the specific teaching methods used to help Macy, please see Programs and Get the Books.

Macy has overcome the drawbacks of common testing practices to improve her test scores.