Sean, a four-year-old in a light-academic preschool program

Sean is four years old and has been in preschool programs for two years. He can recognize his written name and can name some of the letters of the alphabet. However, he has never had any formal reading instruction, as he spends most of his time in school listening to stories, doing art work, playing outside, and engaging in free play with instructional toys and materials. Furthermore, Sean’s parents were told that since their child has a late birthday in June, he is “not ready” for formal reading instruction.

The Game Plan

Teachers should never lower the standard of learning simply due to a child’s young chronological age.  Rather, teachers should focus on tailoring their instruction and using developmentally appropriate methods to teach even four-year olds “hardcore” academic subjects such as reading, writing, and math.

Learn how to teach children like Sean

To learn the specific teaching methods used to help Sean, please see Programs and Get the Books.

Four-year olds like Sean can learn reading, writing, and math with tailored instruction and developmentally appropriate methods.