Thomas, a first grader who is a strong reader but poor speller

Thomas is six years old and is above level in his reading. However, his writing skills are greatly inferior to his reading skills. For example, Thomas can easily read sentences such as “America is a great nation” but he writes the same sentence as “Americu is a grat nashun.”

The Game Plan

Unfortunately, Thomas had learned to read primarily through the memorization and recognition of words, instead of using letter-sound/phonic knowledge.  As a result, Thomas had never learned the necessary letter-sound/phonic knowledge to use for writing words. First, Thomas was taught to write phonetically by using the correct letter-sound/phonic knowledge.  Then, Thomas was taught to transfer this information to help stop recognizing words and improve his reading skills.

Learn how to teach children like Thomas

To learn the specific teaching methods used to help Thomas, please see Programs and Get the Books.

Thomas can now write at the same level as his reading.