Book One
Unique Teach: Effective Teaching Methods For Young Learners



With Unique Teach®, young children are taught in ways they learn.

Leave your worksheets and flashcards behind!   Unique Teach® shows parents and teachers how to provide the proper instruction for their preschool and elementary school students. The book explains why many common teaching practices may be ineffective and addresses common mistakes to avoid. This book is excellent for struggling students that have not been successful with conventional methods of instruction, including children with special needs and English Language Learners.  Whether the goal is to homeschool, tutor, or help with homework, Unique Teach® is excellent for parents that want to help their children with academics at home.  Experienced school teachers that want to enhance their instruction of young children can also benefit immensely from this book.

Also available as an eBook!

Recommended ages:  4 to 9 years old

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