Books Two and Three
The Unique Teach Readers Program



Is your child suffering in school because of poor reading skills?  Do you feel your child is lacking the correct foundation?

Teach your child to truly read.

Many children struggle to read because they do not decode words properly.  Instead they “read” by memorizing and recognizing words, using the pictures to guess at words, and relying on repetitive storylines.

The Unique Teach® Readers Program is designed to give beginners the strong foundation they need right from the start, as well as help experienced readers by fixing the problems that arise from memorizing and recognizing words.  The program not only includes the appropriate reading material, but also effective teaching methods shown in an instructional video.

If the typical flashcards, worksheets, word sorts, and computer tutorials aren’t doing the job for your child, try the alternative, more effective approach of The Unique Teach® Readers Program.

Recommended ages:  5 to 9 years.

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