Learn about the shortcomings of some commonplace teaching practices and why they may not be effective for some children.

Unleash your teaching superpower with the Educator Training Program

Preschool and elementary school teachers will enhance their instruction with the Unique Teach® Educator Training Program. Teachers will learn how to tailor their instruction of young children by using more developmentally appropriate teaching methods. This workshop explains why many conventional teaching practices can be ineffective for young children and offers alternative solutions.

The Unique Teach® Educator Training Program trains teachers on the following methods:

Presenting concepts & skills in concrete ways by using hands-on materials, children's experiences, body and movement, and storybooks
Enhancing learning by using context effectively
Correctly sequencing the steps of any lesson
Modifying instructional language for young children
Making direct connections between oral language, reading, and writing for enhanced understanding
Teaching oral language through retelling
Teaching letter names and sounds by using alphabet chart pictures
How to interpret children's invented spellings
Teaching children to read & write words phonetically instead of memorizing words

As well as. . .

  • Teaching sight words by using cognitive strategies instead of memorization
  • Conducting a read-aloud and developing comprehension
  • Teaching children to put spaces between words when writing
  • Correcting children’s common errors regarding suffix usage
  • Teaching drawing by following the natural stages of children’s drawing development
  • Teaching letter formation (handwriting) to young children
  • Effective ways to reach struggling students
  • Modifying the conventional calendar lesson for young children
  • Arranging the classroom for young learners


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