Give your child wings with the Parent Training Program

Education frequently takes place in the home, as parents often assist with homework, tutor, or even homeschool their children. But the last thing your child needs are more flashcards, workbooks, and computer tutorials.

Become your child’s best teacher with the Unique Teach® Parent Training Program.  Parents will receive private lessons so that they can provide enhanced, personalized home instruction to their child.

Parents will learn why many common teaching practices can be ineffective and how to apply alternative solutions. Common mistakes parents make when teaching their children will also be addressed. Best of all, parents will learn how to teach reading, writing, and math in the correct way according to their child’s particular needs.  Private lessons include assessment of the child’s needs and personalized lesson plans.

Parents will learn how to teach the following literacy concepts:

Letter names and sounds
Concepts about books
Decoding words
Oral language activities
Sight words
Letter formation (handwriting)
Reading comprehension
Writing words and sentences

Parents will learn how to teach the following math concepts:

Numbers 0 to 10
Numbers 1 to 100

Parents will also learn the following general techniques for the instruction of young children:

  • How to correctly sequence the steps of any lesson
  • Using instructional language correctly
  • Arranging the home for optimal learning
  • Using context to make the lessons meaningful
  • Ways to work with struggling learners


The teaching session is three hours long and costs $750.  Lifetime follow-up fee for future assistance included, as well as teaching materials.  The teaching materials are shown in on the page Get the Books.