Lesson 22:

Sam teaches only pre-academic concepts in PK

Sam’s instruction of pre-kindergarten consists only of pre-literacy and pre-math skills. During circle time, children listen to stories read aloud. Children also partake in arts and craft activities that are related to literacy, such as reading the story The Gingerbread Man and then making a puppet of the Gingerbread Man.  Math instruction consists primarily of free play in workstations with loose, hands-on instructional toys such as blocks, connecting cubes, etc. Although Sam reviews the names of the letters daily by drilling the names off the alphabet chart, no hardcore reading, writing, and math instruction takes place since the children are only four to five years old.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned successfully with this lesson.  However, some children are capable of more advanced instruction need the following alternative lesson plan:

  • Teach cognitively ready four-year olds hardcore academic concepts by modifying the instruction.

Some children in pre-kindergarten are cognitively ready for more advanced learning despite their young age or late birthdate.   With the right methods, these children  can learn “advanced” concepts such as hardcore reading, writing, and math.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson correctly, please see Programs and Get the Books.