Lesson 3:

Sue teaches the letters with an alphabet chart

Sue teaches the letters daily by conducting a drill in which she reviews the letters on the classroom alphabet chart. In this drill, she methodically reviews all letter names and sounds, starting with the letter Aa and ending with Zz. For example, “Aa says /a/, Bb says /b/,” etc.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned well with this lesson.  But those who continue to struggle need an alternative lesson plan as follows:

  • Don’t include drilling in the instruction of young children.

Some children have very little tolerance for boredom and are quick to stop paying attention.  These children need methods that do not involve repetitive drilling.

  • Understand the limitations of the alphabet chart.

Alphabet charts can be useful tools.  However, although some children appear successful in learning the letter names and sounds from a chart, they may still struggle to apply the knowledge of each particular letter in an actual reading or writing context. These children need methods that bridge the gap between the letters on the chart and their use in real-life reading and writing activities.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson, please see Programs and Get the Books.