Lesson 18:

Thomas gives a standardized literacy skills test

Thomas administers a standardized test on various literacy skills. He has the children separate random words into their individual sounds.  For example, the word cat is to be separated as /c/, /a/, and /t/. A top student, Juan, performs below the teacher’s expectations on the test. Thomas is surprised at Juan’s low test score, because he can read and write well in actual reading and writing contexts.

The Alternative Lesson Plan

Many children have learned well with this lesson.  But for those continuing to struggle, the alternative lesson plan is as follows:

  • Bridge the gap between the way skills are used in real-life versus contrived testing situations.

Some children struggle to understand abstract concepts, such as performing isolated literacy skills outside of actual reading and writing.  That is, they can perform the skills all together in real-life reading and writing contexts, but struggle when skills are isolated in contrived testing situations.  These children need methods that teach them how to use literacy skills outside of the context in which the skills are normally applied.

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson, please see Programs and Get the Books.