Lesson 18:

Thomas gives his children a literacy skills test

Thomas administers a test on various literacy skills. He has the children separate random words into individual sounds, e.g., the word cat is to be separated as /c/, /a/, and /t/. A top student, Juan, performs below the teacher’s expectations on the test. Thomas is surprised at Juan’s low test score, because he can read and write well in actual reading and writing contexts.

Why this lesson falls short for some children...

No actual reading and writing occurs on the test. Instead, the children perform isolated literacy skills outside the context of actual reading and writing. Since the children are young, they may not understand using these skills outside of the context in which the skills are normally applied.

Learn to teach this lesson properly

  • Test young children appropriately, so that test results are accurate assessments of children’s skills.
  • Prepare young children so they perform better on tests.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson correctly, please see Programs and Get the Books.