Lesson 2:

Timothy teaches the letter Mm by making a moose hand puppet

To teach the letter Mm, Timothy has the children make a moose hand puppet (since moose starts with the letter Mm.) The children make the puppet by coloring a print-out of a moose, cutting it out, and gluing it to a paper lunch sack.

Why this lesson falls short for some children...

While puppet-making may be fun, children may fail to see the relevance of this activity to the real context in which the concept (the letter Mm) is to be applied.

Additionally, making a moose hand puppet does not develop the letter-sound knowledge needed for decoding or writing words with the letter Mm in a real context.

Furthermore, the coloring, cutting, and pasting can distract young children from learning the concept at hand and are more appropriate for art or fine-motor activities.

Learn to teach this lesson properly

  • Teach in ways which help children understand the relevance of the lesson to the concept at hand.
  • Teach the letters in ways that help young children to later apply the information to real-life reading and writing contexts.
  • Use art activities during instruction effectively.

Improve your instruction of young learners

To learn the specific methods for teaching this lesson correctly, please see Programs and Get the Books.